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When A Good Rebranding Is Necessary?

I start from the end: when it's necessary. Conditions are so awkward and this is an important process e.g. The symptoms may be: a basic customers decrease, in a sales lowering or, for example, in a new technology introduction. No matter what they are, you cannot make a rebranding just for the fun of changes.

Granted that, and believe me that it was not obvious, I will now list a series of mistakes many managers do, according to my experience.

Hanging on its own history

If from one hand it's true that it must not be a twisting, from the other one we cannot stay still and apparently quiet for what we have always been. Our brand idea was maybe based on market conditions not existing anymore and denying means to deny what market demands.

Do not exploit the current brand equity

Why doing it. If we are on the market so somebody purchases our products, it means that we are chosen for our brand values. Deny them it means running against them, against our customers. We must ponder our change extent, but we will return on this topic later, because in my opinion it's our key issue.

Rebranding with no research

A new positioning can be done only through a careful analysis of what you are compared to your competitors but above all studying your clients.
The brand is basically a logo
This is a typical and maybe the most serious mistake among those listed below. A brand is what consumers think about your company and what you convey to them with your brand. It's a set of values that identify a company, not simply a graphic sketch almost agreeable. Re-designing your logo could be helpful to show a change in progress, but rebranding is definitely something else.

Passing from doing to not doing, my current objective is to explain you how manage a rebranding process of your company.

Interact with everybody!

Try to notify each component of your company and make them agree with your decisions. Do your best to make the market aware of your new values through products and communication.

Unique and pivotal

Always confer to your brand peculiarities to distinguish it from other market brands, in order to make it considerable for your target.

Assume a change not a revolution!

Having clear identification values, think of a re-positioning allowing to pinpoint new ones without denying the old ones. As I mentioned above, this is the secret of a wise rebranding: introducing changes without loosing what is steady. It means to consider how much a brand can change without loosing its constitutional power.

Set your brand current position

What makes the difference from your competitors, how and what you conveyed to the market. It means deeply investigate on reasons that move your customers to purchase your products and not least, trying to analyze and describe it as much as possible.

Rebranding is a real step that companies need because of the market dynamism.

In one sentence I would say that it means to pass from how market rank our company to how market should rank it.
About the Author:
Dario Ferrigato
Marketing consultant, Senior consultant at ADVBOUCLE & PARTNERS


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