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The Target (Will Robie)

The President knows it's a perilous, high-risk assignment. If he gives the order, he has the opportunity to take down a global menace, once and for all. If the mission fails, he would face certain impeachment, and the threats against the nation would multiply. So the president turns to the one team that can pull off the impossible: Will Robie and his partner, Jessica Reel.... (read more)
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Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue: The Untold Story of English

List Price: $19.95Price: $17.95You Save: $2.00 (10%)1 used & new from $17.95A survey of the quirks and quandaries of the English language, focusing on our strange and wonderful grammar. Why do we say "I am reading a catalog" instead of "I read a catalog"? Why do we say "do" at all? Is the way we speak a reflection of our cultural values? Delving into these provocative topics and more, ... (read more)
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The Goldfinch: (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction)

List Price: $19.95An Amazon Best Book of the Month, October 2013: It's hard to articulate just how much--and why--The Goldfinch held such power for me as a reader.? Always a sucker for a good boy-and-his-mom story, I probably was taken in at first by the cruelly beautiful passages in which 13-year-old Theo Decker tells of the accident that killed his beloved mother and set his fate. But even when the scene shifts--first Theo goes to live with his schoolmate?s picture-perfect (except it i(read more)
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The Fixed Trilogy: Fixed on You, Found in You, Forever with You

List Price: $19.95All three books of the NY Times Bestselling Fixed Trilogy are included in this bundle. ... (read more)
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Allegiant (Divergent Series)

List Price: $19.95An Amazon Best Books of the Month, October 2013: Veronica Roth had her work cut out for her, ending a trilogy that had fans rabid for the final book, and she pulled it off like a champ. Allegiant kicks off right where Insurgent ended, so if it?s been a while since you read that one you might want to re-read the last couple of chapters to orient yourself. The first surprise in Allegiant is that Roth has switched to using alternating narratives of Tris and Fo(read more)

Why not position on customer goals?

Q: We’re a group of professors formed by our dean as a task force to craft the positioning for our school’s BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) program.

3 Stock Picks for Earth Day

The report from the EPA as well as evidence from Greenpeace implies that the use of environment friendly energy sources and recycling activities are poised to increase significantly.

Machine vision and video surveillance solutions specialist: Vecow provides a full range of customized services

The growing popularity of the industrial PC industry in recent years has attracted many Taiwanese vendors. Unlike the PC industry, which is geared to bulk sales of standard products, the industrial PC industry has focused on small-volume, large-variety orders.

Next Generation Sequencing Report

DUBLIN, April 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets ( ) has announced the addition of the "Next Generation Sequencing Report" ...

The Lego Movie builds box-office foundations atop The Monuments Men

Half-term brought Warners' Lego film a strong opening weekend, well ahead of George Clooney's men-on-a-mission movie and the Valentine's Day releases • The Lego Movie – review • The Monuments Men – review The winner Animation is the one film genre that regularly supplies big hits without the benefit of character familiarity, with successes from studios such as Fox/Blue Sky (Ice Age), Universal ...